Praise for BOOST SALES

"A must read for anyone in Sales. Rupert Flores has a long track record turning sales teams into a high-performance. The Pipeline is one of his powerful tools. Easy to read, the book has plenty of examples and implementable strategies of his own experience. I strongly recommend it."

Ramón Farrés, Former Managing Director at Industrias Titan, SA (Titanlux)

"…the tools to boost your organic growth…"

Praise for BOOST SALES

"New Business and growth is the best strategy to Covid. Boost Sales will help give you the tools to boost your organic growth in the current challenging market and deliver your numbers".

Juan José Ballesteros, Contract Logistics Product Leader China, Japan and South Korea, CEVA Logistics

"Read it, follow it and live by it."

Praise for BOOST SALES

"As a professional sales trainer and owner of my own business, it is my duty to keep up to date with the latest sales publications. However, it is rare to find a book that actually gives people a workable and practical lesson on how to genuinely improve the ratio of success. This book is one of those 'unicorns'! Well written and infinitely practical. Every sales person should own a copy, read it, follow it and live by it. A fantastic example of how all sales people should approach their pipeline"

Steve Groves, Company Director,

"A must have tool for my team!"

Praise for BOOST SALES

"Easy to read, with plenty of everyday situations that any sales professional can identify and face at some point of their own career. Boost Sales is the perfect guide to help every role in a sales department to focus on how to manage the sales process to success! From the sales representative´s perspective, to the CEO´s view point.
A must have tool for my team!"

Mercè López, National Sales Manager, Logifrio

"Part of the formula of success!"

Praise for BOOST SALES

"In the world of sales there is much inspiring, charming and loquacious. But in the world of results and sales professionals it takes a lot of tenacity and looking for opportunities.

However, without getting involved and without a pipeline everything is just an illusion. This book hits the nail on the head regarding how to achieve results, and we can still be charming with customers. It's part of the formula of success!"

Miguel Angel Castillo, Managing Director, Coldwell Banker Commercial España

"Extremely useful to teams that want to take away more bids."

Praise for BOOST SALES

I read the book from the point of view of the client launching the tender. I analysed and reviewed old tender processes we launched over the years and I clearly saw the winning bids were the ones meeting more of the critical practices described in the book and the losing ones basically lacked all of them.

The structured approach defined in this book with a clear description of all the needed steps to win tenders will be extremely useful to the teams and companies that want to take away more bids.

Silvano Navío, Sr. Logistics Operation Manager, Mondelez

"Can I send it to
our sales director?"


If having to give you a summary of what I liked the most in this book it would be: Preparation is key.

If the customer does not want to tender, you have to create the need for it. Never use 'NO' at RFIs. The implementation is the other key area, with a good discussion about the need for the SOP and the importance of the BDM then becoming the KAM. It is not enough just creating a technical office for tenders.

I really liked the tender qualification model. The internal evaluation
of the proposals that you show in the book is also very useful.

Finally, the references to the lazy Sales Rep have been very clear and convincing to me.

CONGRATULATIONS Rupert. You can be proud of the book. Can I send it to our sales director?

Francisco Castillo, Head of Transformation, European Logistics, DACHSER Spain

"A Great Guide For Sales Professionals"


A fresh reading !!! .. it is always good to reconfirm the processes that one knows. Even so, the really important thing is not the knowledge, but to put it into practice. And this book is then a great guide, especially for sales professionals who are new to tenders, on how to make progress.

Results are not due to chance, but coming from defined methods, subsequent analysis of outcomes, and from professionals who are trained in precise techniques and having a well-directed and defined tender strategy. For sure this book will serve to strengthen the practical knowledge and help also experienced professionals improve and achieve new levels of excellence.

Congratulations for successfully transferring your knowledge and experience into a useful technical book.

Key Account Manager, Global company

"A Real Eye Opener"


"'Winning Tenders' is easy to read and so right: A real eye opener. Now I understand why so often tenders are being mistreated and therefore lost.

The game changer is the emotional aspect well laid out and explained in this book.

Agree, that many think that dealing with tenders is basically to answer the RFP. It means to collect the prices from the responsible within the organization and send them. I have seen it in my practice too. That is exactly why one has a very low hit rate and a big
disappointment, losing motivation.

Tenders are often being written off as "they are just about the price" Actually, it is all about how professional you are in handling the tenders and getting lovely business growth in your company due to that.

The book 'Winning Tenders' is a great help for the ones who wish to be helped! Read it."

Department manager, Global company

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